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Is it hard for your customers to tell you apart from your competitors?


Do you get haggled on price even though you provide services your competitors don't?


Are you at the mercy of the economy and go through feast and famine modes?


    If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions You are NOT alone!  Most business owners feel the same way due to common marketing mistakes.  Mistakes, I can show you how to fix in just a minute...but first one of the most important lessons you will learn on this audio program is identifying the 2 Biggest Mistakes almost every business makes with their marketing. 


Mistake #1 Fragmented Marketing


    Think about the last time you had a website, coupon, flyer, direct mail letter, social media posts, radio broadcast, billboard ad or TV spot made for your company.


    Who created the final product for you?  They did, the radio station created your radio spot. The web  design company created the website. The coupon company designed your coupons. All of these companies have different ideas of what your company should be.


    Think about how fragmented your message is, coming from different sources every time you want an ad made for you. This is why you should not have multiple teams of people creating your content. They don't have your best interests in mind and have limited knowledge of your company.  


    You need to own your message and have a marketing system in place so all of your marketing pieces share the same message about your company!


    There is much more to fragmented marketing and how to fix it, on this audio program. 


Mistake #2 Platitudes


        Platitudes are everywhere!  Everyone says the same thing, as you will start to recognize after listening to this audio program. Unfortunately, they are more than likely also in your marketing pieces and they are killing your marketing. 


    Platitudes are words and phrases that are dull, obvious, overused, unoriginal and commonly used as if unique or distinctive.  Here are a few examples: Family Owned, Been in business since 1945, Best Service, Local, Reliable and many more.  


    Let's take a quick quiz to see if you have platitudes in your marketing.


    This test is called "Who Else Can Say That."


    As you will hear in the audio the question is not Who Else Can DO what you DO? The question is Who Else can SAY what you Say? 


    For example look at any ad in the phone book, we will look at painters. This painter says "Highest Quality" and "Best Service" now who else can say that?  


    Everyone, that's the problem!


    They can say it even if it isn't true.  But if you look at other painters ads, they all say the same thing--So Who do you hire? 


    There is nothing that sets one painter apart from the other, because they all sound the same.  They all might be great or they might be terrible, but you can't tell from the ad. 


    So all customers can do is call and ask  "How much do you charge?"


How do you fix the common mistakes? 


    Now...if you feel like your marketing has been all wrong for years, don't worry. This audio program will explain how to fix the errors and get those customers buying from you because you are the obvious choice to do business with. 


    One of the ways to fix marketing mistakes that you will listen to will explain the 5 Step Formula along with other powerful ideas that will move your marketing from lukewarm to scalding!


    The first step in the 5 step formula is Capturing your customer's attention. Most companies do this all wrong! They use cute and creative methods to shock and awe their customers into noticing them. 


    What happens when the shock passes and the awe becomes the expected? They have to be cuter and more creative with their marketing. It's a vicious cycle that in the end provides no value to your customer. 


    What if every marketing piece you had captured your customer's attention the right way, with things that are important and relevant to Them? That's right. Capture your customer's attention with what's important to them about your company, service and products.  


    Here's an example. Imagine a mortgage company, now picture a direct mail letter that they had made that says "3% Interest Loans" with a picture of a nice family standing in front of a house with details about the loan and how to contact them. 


    Would that move you to contact them? Probably Not.  


    Now...what if their letter had one of these three headlines:


  • Stop Stressing Out Over Your Monthly Mortgage Payment
  • Save Your House
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Month in 3 Easy Steps

        along with information about how to do those things and how to contact them. 


    Would you be more likely to take the next step? 


    Do you see how powerful that one piece of the 5 Step Formula can be? And there are 4 more steps to listen to on the audio program along with other fixes for your marketing that will bring you immediate...extraordinary results!


Systematize and Automate Your Customer Flow


    Once your changes have been made and your marketing has customers flying in the door, How can you keep that momentum going?  This audio program has that covered for you too


    It will explain a systematized approach to automate your sales process.  What business owner doesn't love a better way to bring in customers and STOP Wasting money in the process.


    The audio program has over 2 1/2 hours of marketing principles, it will explain how to eliminate platitudes and fragmented marketing, the 5 step formula to create your ads the profitable way and give you systems to automate your marketing.  And much, much more! 


    You will wonder how you ever agreed to you past marketing pieces. You will be the only smart one marketing your business the correct, profitable way.  


    Become a member today to access the FREE audio program that once applied---will help you Dominate your competition and make you the only obvious choice to do business with! 


    Normally this audio is sold for $199, we give it away to local business owners as an investment in you and your company. We ultimately want to help you grow and dominate your industry. Consider this our first investment to help you profit! 


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